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Martin Robson

Martin is one of the world’s most experienced and qualified CCR instructor trainers.

Expeditions & Training

CCR, Cave, Wreck, DPV & Sidemount


+44(0) 7932 735619

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Martin is on the Board of Advisers for IANTD, has been a Technical Field Consultant for PADI and has had terms as the Training Director for the NACD.

Martin has been working with Lungfish Dive Systems for a number of years, helping with the development of the Orca and will continue working with us as a factory IT.

Lungfish Dive Systems are pleased to have Martin Robson on board as an IANTD IT for the Orca CCR.

If you have any question regarding Orca training at diver or instructor levels, please contact Martin via Lungfish Dive Systems and we can forward your message.

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