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Mosheko started teaching diving in 1988 and was qualified as an instructor for the Israeli divine association. He  then qualified for other diving organizations such ANDI, BSAC, PADI, SSI

Mosheko was the co-founder of ANDI Israel and certified to ITD #18 in 2018. In 1993 participated in the first Trimix course in the Middle East under the guidance of Ed Betts in Eilat (Red Sea) Israel.

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He qualified as professional guide and trainer for the “professional diving” unit of the Israeli Navy and was a partner in countless diving searches and underwater jobs for the Navy.

In addition to that, he coordinates and manages the activities of ANDI Israel and he is also the professional director of the Institute for Maritime Studies and under water Archaeology of the Haifa University.


He wrote and translated to Hebrew all the professional literature for all levels of the ANDI diving courses.


In 2021 he initiated the use of the “Lungfish” - Orca CCR, he also translated the Orca v6 Manual into Hebrew.  We are pleased to confirm Mosheko was certified by ANDI as an instructor and technical representative of the Orca v6 in Israel.

Lungfish Dive Systems are pleased to have Mosheko Bachar on board as an ANDI Instructor for the Orca CCR.

If you have any question regarding Orca training at diver level, please contact Mosheko via Lungfish Dive Systems and we can forward your message.

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