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Paul Haynes is a former UK Special Forces (SF) Special Boat Service (SBS) combatant Diver Instructor, Diving Supervisor and Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Operator (Pilot & Navigator).

Over the last decade Paul has run numerous adventurous wreck diving expeditions to remote locations in the Pacific such as Truk (Chuck) Lagoon and Palau and remains fully engaged in military underwater life support and submersible vehicle product development whilst undertaking Operator, Instructor and Supervisor training globally to a depth of up to 80m on the full range of mechanical and electronically controlled underwater life support systems used by SF, Mine Countermeasures Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Secret Service, Paramilitary and Law Enforcement diving organisations.

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As a civilian advanced mixed gas diving Instructor Trainer on a broad range of rebreather technologies including being a Factory Trainer on the ORCA v6, Paul is a respected civilian technical diving educator and has authored rebreather training manuals for diving training agencies and numerous safety related articles for civilian diving publications.

If you have any question regarding Orca training at diver or instructor levels, please contact Paul via Lungfish Dive Systems and we can forward your message.

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