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Lungfish strip 003.jpg

Time for change ?

Lungfish size compare 001.JPG

Weight (kg)


Duration at 20m

Duration at 30m

Duration at 40m

Twin 10 ltr

w twin

s twin

20 twin

30 twin

40 twin


18 kg

size orc

20 orc

30 orc

40 orc

15 ltr

26 kg

s 15

20 15

30 15

40 15

Lungfish Rebreather 001a.jpg
Lungfish strip 3.jpg
Lungfish ORCA side shot.JPG

The performance statistics of the ORCA v6 are impressive on their own however if you need any more convincing, just check out how compact that amazing performance package really is! 

The ORCA v6 gives you ALL of the benefits of CCR without any of the traditional concerns about weight, size or safety.

Time to change ! Do it !

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