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Sandra Clopp spends up to 30-40 hours a week underwater on ccrs.  She runs a megalodon tooth hunting operation off of North Carolina.  

Urban Manta Scuba Lessons,

Gear & Trips, NYC & Raleigh, NC 



She’s also an avid cave explorer, logging exploration dives as long as 7.5 hours and 330’ deep.  She crews aboard the Ol Salty II on Andrea Doria trips.

Sandra also has a passion for training OW through Tec, wreck, ccr, cave and dpv for 20 years.

Lungfish Dive Systems are pleased to have Sandra Clopp on board as a RAID and IANTD Instructor for the Orca CCR.

If you have any questions regarding Orca training at diver level, please contact Sandra via Lungfish Dive Systems and we can forward your message.

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