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Smaller and lighter than other rebreathers, the Lungfish ORCA v6 is also far less bulky and awkward than most traditional scuba gear and can be easily configured in a variety of ways to meet any dive (and travel) needs.


Lungfish console 001.jpg
Lungfish Green 001.jpg
Lungfish Red 001.jpg

  • Unique status lights can be seen from any angle

  • Bright OLED display easily visible in daylight

  • Optically corrected for maximum viewing angle – no need to turn your wrist, readable by your buddy

  • Depth, Time, O2 and CO2 shown in highly intuitive format

  • Wet-mate connector

  • Large and small size available


Lungfish BOV 001.jpg
  • Possibly the ultimate rebreather mouthpiece

  • Unique, highly optimised ergonomic design

  • Maximum flow, minimum dead space

  • One-finger operation yet no possibility for accidental operation

  • Status clearly visible to user and buddy

  • Hoses angled for unobstructed view and minimum jaw fatigue

  • Unrestricted head movement

  • Head strap option for increased safety or use in strong currents

  • Surface breathing hole on top!

  • Left or right handed options available as performance upgrade for other rebreathers


Lungfish Injector 001.jpg
  • Highly optimised manual injector

  • Easy to press

  • Button protected by shroud to prevent accidental activation

  • Easily washed interior prevents buildup of dirt or salt, preventing damage and corrosion to ensure a long life

  • The inflator swivels to allow easy connection of offboard gases.

  • Multiple configuration options: over the shoulder, under the arm, integrated with BCD inflator, mounted on first stages

  • Extra thick pins for reliable contact

  • Protective housing and sealed sensor bases to remove risk of water interfering with signals

  • Proprietary CO2 monitor with no cross-sensitivity to other gases. Warns of any CO2 buildup in advance of danger. Proven in naval use.

  • 3 O2 cells as standard, 4th independent O2 cell available as an option

  • Isolator system enables main cells to be read by up to 2 external computers or PPO2 monitors with full redundancy.

  • No risk of short, damage or misconnection compromising the controller:


Lungfish Sensor Cap 001.jpg
  • Unique calibration cap enables rapid calibration with minimum gas wastage.

  • Also enables verification of cells under pressure: prove your cells work before you dive!

Supplied as standard.

Lungfish Head 001.jpg


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