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Patent Pending

It is finally here! An Alliance has been created allowing OC and CCR to work together in perfect harmony. As a CCR manufacturer we knew it could be done!


  • Easy switch between Open and Closed Circuit

  • No jaw fatigue

  • No fogging

  • Enables underwater communication

  • Six strap security

  • Easy donning and doffing

  • Huge field of vision

  • Works with most rebreather systems

Alliance right.jpg

Patent Pending

The Alliance can be purchased already fitted to a new IDM or you can supply us with your 'Space Extender' IDM and we can fit the Alliance to it.  

Note: If you supply an IDM it will be serviced before applying the Alliance interface to it.

Alliance Black 1.JPG
Alliance Black 1 without IDM.JPG

If you would like to be kept informed about the Alliance or have questions for us, please click one of the buttons below and we can see how we can help.

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