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Certified to EN 250:2014 for use with compressed air to a maximum depth of 50 m.


What are the benefits of using a Lungfish Dive Systems Gemini gas switch block for sidemount diving?

While the Lungfish Dive Systems Gemini gas switch block is primarily designed for closed-circuit rebreather (CCR) diving, it can also offer several benefits for sidemount divers. Sidemount diving is a configuration where divers wear their tanks on their sides, providing increased flexibility, improved streamlining, and easier access to valves and regulators. The Gemini gas switch block can complement sidemount diving by enhancing gas management and safety. Here are the benefits of using the Gemini gas switch block for sidemount diving:


Streamlined Gas Management:


The Gemini gas switch block simplifies gas management for sidemount divers. It provides a centralized location for gas switching, reducing the need to reach for separate tanks or valves during the dive. This streamlines the process and allows divers to switch gases quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and optimizing gas consumption.

Enhanced Safety:


The Gemini gas switch block enhances safety by providing a clear and easily accessible location for gas switching. In sidemount diving, where tanks are positioned at the sides of the diver, having a dedicated switch block ensures that divers can access their gas sources without compromising their buoyancy or trim. This promotes better control and reduces the risk of accidental entanglement or dislodging of tanks during gas switches.


Improved Streamlining:


Sidemount diving emphasizes streamlining to reduce drag and improve maneuverability in the water. The Gemini gas switch block is designed to integrate seamlessly into sidemount configurations, allowing divers to maintain a streamlined profile. Its compact and lightweight design does not interfere with the diver's trim or buoyancy, contributing to better hydrodynamics and overall diving efficiency.


Convenience and Accessibility:


The Gemini gas switch block provides convenience and accessibility to sidemount divers. By centralizing gas switching in a single location, divers can easily access and operate the switch block without having to reach for different tanks. This eliminates the need to manipulate valves or regulators in hard-to-reach positions, ensuring smoother gas switches and reducing the risk of accidental mistakes.

Redundancy and Reliability:

The Gemini gas switch block is built with redundancy and reliability in mind, which is crucial for sidemount divers who rely on multiple gas sources. It incorporates redundant components and fail-safe mechanisms to ensure uninterrupted gas supply during gas switches. This enhances diver safety by mitigating the risk of equipment failure or gas interruption when switching between tanks.




The Gemini gas switch block offers customization options to cater to the specific needs of sidemount divers. It can be configured to accommodate different gas mixtures, such as oxygen and diluent gases, allowing divers to tailor their gas switching to the specific requirements of their dive plan. This flexibility makes the Gemini gas switch block adaptable to a variety of sidemount diving scenarios.


Training and Education:


The Gemini gas switch block is also beneficial for sidemount diving training and education. Its user-friendly design and intuitive operation make it an excellent tool for teaching gas management techniques and gas switching procedures to aspiring sidemount divers. It simplifies the learning process and ensures that divers develop the necessary skills for safe and efficient gas switching in sidemount configurations.

The Lungfish Dive Systems Gemini gas switch block can offer sidemount divers streamlined gas management, enhanced safety, improved streamlining, convenience, reliability, customizability, and training support. By incorporating this versatile tool into their sidemount setups, divers can optimize their gas switching procedures, enhance their overall diving experience, and enjoy the benefits of both sidemount diving and efficient gas management techniques.

The Gemini switch block has been CE and UKCA certified by 0120 and 0598. It is classified as Personal Protective Equipment and therefore falls under the EU Directive 425/2016. It has been tested in accordance with EN 250:2014 to 14 bar.

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